There are many benefits of using a Synthetic Cricket Pitch. The most obvious is safety. While real turf has no padding beneath it, a Synthetic Cricket Pitch contains a shock-absorbing underlay layer. This can greatly reduce the risk of injuries and provide an improved playing surface. It is possible to play on a Synthetic Cricket Pitch without having to worry about damage to your real grass. In addition, a Synthetic Cricket Pitch can increase your revenue and attract more members.

The two main types of synthetic cricket pitches are Supershield. Supershield has a higher yarn weight and will last for years, even under high use. They are glued onto concrete and use 9mm to 12mm short-pile polypropylene synthetic grass. They are double-backed for extra strength and durability. They are only available from Maddocks Sports. You can also buy them from a local retailer.

While Real Turf is prone to dying patches, a Synthetic Cricket Pitch will last longer. It has grass fibres that are propped up by rubber or sand infill. With this, a Synthetic Cricket Pitch will maintain its appearance for many years. This type of cricket pitch is ideal for matches and practice nets. You won’t have to worry about the weather because you can play on a Synthetic Cricket Pitch during all seasons.

The Best Type of Synthetic Cricket Pitch to Buy is the All-Seasons Synthetic Pitch. It’s made from thicker polyethylene grass and is glued onto a concrete base. The Supershield is a top-quality synthetic cricket pitch that is eco-friendly and durable. It is not necessary to use Supershield for the playing surface as it can be easily converted for other sports.

The All-Seasons Synthetic Cricket Pitch is more expensive, but it’s a great option for many reasons. The All-Seasons Cricket Pitch is the best choice if you’re looking for a pitch that will last for many years. It is very durable, and will not wear down easily. It is ideal for backyard cricket and is recommended for school and community facilities. It is ideal for playing on a Cricket Field.

The All-Seasons Synthetic Cricket Pitch is one of the most durable pitches on the market. It is made of dense polyethylene grass, which will last for many years under heavy usage. The All-Seasons Synthetic Crappie Pitches are glued directly to concrete. They will not fall off the concrete and are suitable for both cricket and football games. They will last for several years. There are other benefits of installing a Synthetic Cricket Pitch.

It is important to consider the types of synthetic grass. It is better than natural grass, and is also more durable. The Turf Wicket is made of dual tone yarn. It is 100% Australian made and is designed to mimic the pace of an Australian cricket pitch. Lastly, it is easier to learn to bat on a Synthetic Cricket Pitch. They are ideal for young players and experienced batsmen alike. They will help you develop your skills and become a better player.

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