The Brass Monkey car fridges are small, but not small on power consumption. Medium-sized models use 60W of power and draw 5A from a 12-volt DC power supply, while larger models consume 75W of energy and draw 6.2A. On a daily basis, the units use 0.25kWh of power, and a full tank will last a full 24 hours. They use 0.87 Ah per hour to keep the temperature constant.

The price of Brass Monkey’s refrigerators are competitive with many competitors, yet they are priced remarkably low compared to the high-end models. The fridges come with dual-zone cooling and freezing compartments, which allow them to be adjusted to various temperature settings, from -20degC to 40degC. The units are fairly quiet, running at 38dB. They are also solar-powered and come with a sliding drawer that allows access to the food and drinks within.

The compact, dual-zone model is great for camping and is easy to transport. It comes with sturdy wheels and telescopic handles. There are separate freezer and fridge zones. Each zone can be adjusted to different temperature levels, while the fridge section has a USB port to charge your USB powered device. The small size makes it an ideal fridge for a caravan or boat, and it still has enough space for all of your essentials.

If you’re looking for a new car fridge for your vehicle, consider House & Trade Supplies. These units are available in several sizes, ranging from a tiny 9L unit to a huge 100L model. The smaller units tend to draw a lower amount of power than the larger models, which draw a little over 2A. The difference between the two is the degree of tilt. A five-degree tilt can cause refrigerant to pool. If you’re parking your car on a hill, you’ll probably reach that temperature.

Another great thing about Brass Monkey car fridge is their affordable pricing. At less than $100, you can get a high-quality unit for your car at a reasonable price. They feature dual temperature zones, as well as a -20degC cold zone, and can be set to run silently at 38dB. Some models even come with solar charging, an insulating cover, and a slide drawer that makes it easy to get to your food and beverages