With August just around the corner, your garden is going to go through a lot of intense cold. You will have to keep a special eye on your garden during this period to ensure that it remains in its best condition and without any problems. So how do you go about managing your garden in winter? You take a read of these following tips to see what you can do:

  • Be Water-Wise
    With winter providing you with natural water (from the rain!), you will have to be clever in how you approach your water maintenance. There are always periods in August when it gets cold, but there is little or no rain, so therefore no water. You will have to keep an eye on the weather forecast to ensure that your garden and lawn gets the right amount of water to keep it healthy for the long run.
  • Get A Tarp
    If you ever face an intense storm, you’ll know that your garden and lawn could be flooded with water. And in some cases, it is overkill and will ruin your garden before you get a chance to protect it. This is why you should get a sheet of tarp ready; so you can place it over your garden or lawn when the storm hits. It is a preventative measure to protect your landscape in the long run.
  • Keep Weeding
    Doesn’t mean that because it is cold and wet, that you should stop weeding. It is imperative that you keep your eyes locked on your lawn and garden to make sure that no weeds come out from the ground. This will help in ensuring that your garden survives the harsh winter months and is then ready to grow in springtime. You will be able to find plenty of weed, fertilising and turf suppliers in Tarneit to help you manage during this period of time.  
  • Stake Tall Plants
    During the wild winter months, wind can ruin plenty of your trees and plants, especially tall plants. So the trick here is to ensure that your tall plants are staked in the ground. The best way to go about this is to get a thin plank of wood, wrap the plant around it and dig into the ground. This will ensure it stays locked in and safe for during any wild winter weather that occurs.

Whether you have natural or artificial turf, these tips for August should help you. If you are wondering where we got this valuable tips from, we spoke to Brisk Turf, the best artificial turf installation in Melbourne. Reach out to them for more help if you need.

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