A Synthetic Cricket Pitch is an ideal surface for practicing and coaching beginners. They are ideal for match days and practice nets, as they are weather resistant. A dense concrete is laid out and tamped to create a flat finish. Then, a needle punched carpet is glued onto the concrete using a special adhesive. The pile height is designed specifically for cricket, and the pitch stays true and flat.

The All-Seasons Synthetic Cricket Pitch uses polyethylene grass that is glued directly to a concrete base. It is slower than a traditional turf pitch, but it still provides a realistic playing surface. The All-Seasons version is exclusive to Maddocks Sports and has a double backing for added strength. Both pitches are suitable for cricket and football and require little maintenance. If you’re looking for an affordable, durable synthetic cricket pitch, consider the All-Seasons version.

A Supershield Synthetic Cricket Pitch is made of a dense grass with higher yarn weight. The synthetic grass will last for several years under high usage. The SIS pitch is glued directly onto a concrete surface and uses nine to twelve millimeter short pile polypropylene. The pitch has a double backing and is exclusive to Maddocks Sports. The synthetic cricket pitches are great for training purposes as well, as they can be used for football or soccer games.

A Supershield Synthetic Cricket Pitch combines a dense grass with a rubber shock pad. It’s more dense than a Supershield Synthetic Cricket Pitch and will last for years of heavy usage. The SIS Supershield pitches are only available from Maddocks Sports, and are made from high-quality materials. The SIS Supershield is an exclusive product of Maddocks Sports and is also used for soccer and football.

A Supershield pitch is made of high-quality polyethylene grass and is glued directly to concrete. It has double backing and is made of nine to twelve millimetres of short-pile polypropylene synthetic grass. The Supershield is exclusive to Maddocks Sports and has double-sided construction for added durability. If you are in the Melbourne area, you can even install a Supershield synthetic cricket pitch on your own.

Supershield is a superior synthetic grass made from high-quality polyethylene grass on a concrete base. It plays slower than a Supershield Synthetic Cricket Pitch and does not require any winter cover. It can be converted to a full cricket pitch with ease and is a great solution for developing young talent in the sport. It is not only a great option for cricket players, but for anyone interested in the game.

A high-speed motion analysis was conducted to determine the speed and angle of a cricket ball. A cricket ball is projected onto a cricket pitch in three different speeds. The data from these three speeds was then analysed by digitisation. The results are a useful tool for improving the quality of your cricket pitches. If you’re looking to purchase a Synthetic Cricket Pitch, check the specifications before purchasing. A good pitch is important for your team’s health and safety.

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