Australian manufacturer Synflex has continued development and research into synthetic cricket pitches which allows all age and skill groups to play and practice on the most ideal conditions. Store Synthetic Cricket Pitch for a Cricket Pitch. A wide range of cricket pitch products and accessories are available, these include kits, pitches, stumps, lawn tennis courts and drainage systems.

The turf used for cricket is often an important consideration because it is highly visible and can affect the playing conditions and affect the overall performance and health of players. It can also affect the playing strategies too. Artificial grass is a suitable and durable solution that can be used at any level of a game. There are two main types of synthetic grass available which are polyethylene turf and polyethylene soft turf. Both provide excellent playing conditions with minimum maintenance needs too.

Polyethylene turf is a durable and consistent surface that can withstand all weather conditions and is available in both grass and sand formats. They provide superb playing conditions for players regardless of their ability and so can be used by beginners as well as experienced professionals. They are widely used for golf courses, sports fields and recreational areas too. Shop Synthetic Cricket Pitch for a Cricket Pitch.

Another popular material used is polyethylene soft turf which is very similar to natural grass but provides excellent drainage and more durable. These pitches also require minimal maintenance and can stand up to heavy use. They look great and can easily withstand all season use because they do not change in colour or pattern. Shop Synthetic Cricket Pitch for a Cricket Pitch. They are available in a range of attractive colours that will blend well with any playing environment.

You can also request a custom made synthetic cricket pitch should you wish to have one that exactly matches your requirements. Request a Request For Quotation to speak to a professional engineer who will discuss your requirements with you before they make a quote. The engineer will take the required measurements of the area in which you would like to play and advise you on which would be the best options. They will discuss bounce times, playing conditions and more. Shop Synthetic Cricket Pitch for a Cricket Pitch to match your playing conditions.

If bounce times are important then you may want to opt for an artificial pitch with slower bounce times. They will not necessarily be ideal for high-paced cricket games but will prove more helpful for games with medium pace. Shop for the right size and type of synthetic cricket pitch that will best suit the conditions you need. Shop online to find the ideal pitch for you and get the ball rolling in no time.

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