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Landscaping Questions To Ask A Professional

When it comes to getting a landscaper to do work for you, you have to focus on getting the best deal for yourself. Whether you are looking to get massive projects completed or just installing garden irrigation systems in Melbourne, you have to inquire if the professional can handle the workload for you. 

That is why we have come up with five of the best questions to ask a landscaper, so whether you are looking for garden work or stone paving services in Melbourne, these questions will get you the answers you need. 

Question One. Are you certified? 

There are a lot of companies out there, so one way to distinguish between them is to find out if they are certified by any landscaping association. If they are, it means they have gone through the process of being approved by an organisation that approves of their work and standards. So a good point to start off with is asking them if they are certified!  

Question Two. How long have you been in business? 

Yes, young upcoming companies might be willing to go above and beyond with any of your landscaping work, but you shouldn’t discount experience in this field. If you find experts that have been in the industry for about 10-15 years, they know what to do, but also have been updating themselves to stay in the game. If they’ve been around that long, they must be doing something right!

Question Three. Can we see some references? 

There is no better check-up then asking the landscaper if they have references to show you. If they are happy to showcase them that means they are confident about the work they have done in the past. From there, you have to speak to the references yourself so you get a good scope on the type of customer service they are going to provide you.

Question Four. When will you be able to start the project? 

You have a deadline for things, just like anything else, so you need to you’ll be able to start your project. Many landscaping companies promise to start right away, but end up putting the project on hold for ages because they overbook themselves. So make sure you have a set start date, so you aren’t left waiting around.

Question Five. What is your warranty?

Just like anything else, you want assurances with any work that is provided. So, there is no shame in asking the landscaper if they provide any warranties on their work. Anything that ranges from about one-year to three-years is worth the money. You are certain to get covered and you don’t have to worry about the work not staying up the standards you want. 

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Landscaping for All Seasons

Winter has finally come. While it is way too cold to sit in your garden, you want to spend some time outside, listening to the chirping of the birds and relaxing your mind. Or maybe, it is the middle of summer and all you really want to do is relax outside without thinking too much about the heat. Landscaping is the answer to your problems.

Outdoor Fireplaces for Summer and Winter

There are different kinds of outdoor fireplaces. They can be big or small, permanent or movable, but whatever you choose, they are all amazingly functional. Getting professional help for this project would be best. If you are looking for leading landscape contractor services, then go follow the link.

In-Ground Fire Pit

As the name suggests, an in-ground fire pit is something like a hole in the ground with materials—such as bricks or cast-iron inserts—lining it. When the fire is lit, people gather around to keep warm and tell stories. Surrounding the pit with a number of chairs will definitely get that backyard party going. While you can do this alone, it can be better to get the help of a professional for this type of fireplace.

Above-Ground Fire Pit

An above-ground fireplace can range from a gathering of sticks and kindling to an area cordoned off solely for the purpose of a fire. Usually, it is a circle of brick or cast-iron with place at the center for the fire to grow. The fire does not spread because of the borders. While this may be safer than the in-ground fire pits, they also need to be installed by a professional.

Brick or Stone Fireplace

A brick or stone fireplace looks somewhat like a small pizza oven. It stands upright, and you can place it anywhere in your yard. While can be less classy than the fire pits, it is still functional and a lot easier to install.


A chimenea looks kind of like a barbecue grill, but it is only used for lighting fires. This is the cheapest and the easiest to install of all the fireplaces on this list.

Fireplace Safety

We cannot very well end this article without reminding you that your outdoor fireplace will need both maintenance and care. You need to read up on the fire safety laws of your area and make sure you follow them to a t. But basically, do not leave a fire going without anyone to watch it, and do not leave your children or pets near the fire without adult supervision.

As a responsible citizen, you will get more out of your garden, patio, porch, or open space with this classy addition. Imagine nights spent around the fireplace, keeping warm and telling stores.

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