Many people are concerned about the health risks associated with synthetic soccer fields. The representative of Turf, Jonathan Huard, testified in favor of crumb rubber infill in a board meeting, ignoring the findings of noted researchers. The Champion Grass also recommends that synthetic turf fields undergo further studies to assess the health risks of crumb rubber.

The health department of your area will oversee tests for lead and other toxic chemicals in synthetic turf fields. Lead levels in synthetic soccer fields should not exceed a specific threshold of four13 ppm. A certified vendor will take samples from each synthetic soccer field and send them to a laboratory. This data should be used to determine whether or not synthetic turf is safe for play. It is important to note that many synthetic turf fields do not have EPA certification, which makes them even more attractive.

It is not expected that the community will respond negatively to this project. This project will generate noise from soccer practices and on-site vehicle use. Despite the potential impacts on the neighborhood, it would not substantially affect the environment. It will largely increase the quality of life in the surrounding area. The project will generate a lot of noise, but it would be inconsequential compared to the actual impacts that it will have.

Fifa’s insistence on artificial turf fields in World Cup tournaments may have prompted some women’s football champions to drop their complaint against Fifa. The players alleged that the artificial fields were dangerous for professional play. But FIFA is insistent that these fields be installed in major tournaments. The women’s team may have dropped their complaint because of this – but this does not mean that the artificial turf is completely safe.

As long as the proposed improvements are at or below the 53-foot base flood elevation, there is little impact to the environment. The turf areas would be closer than 30 feet from the riparian vegetation of the surrounding area. And the proposed project would incorporate new parking spaces, adding to the existing 368 parking spaces at neighboring soccer fields. The project also has access from Constitution Boulevard. During the day, the noise level of a passing car at 15 mph is 46-57 dBA. Door slams create less noise than engine starts.