Water and nature are part of the same environment. That is why when you look at many people’s backyards, they always include some form of “water” feature into their designs. The reason is simple enough: water features add elegance to the landscape, make it ridiculously stylish and increase the value of the property. There are though many different types of water features that you can choose from. But which one works will your backyard? We break down the best options for you…

The Pond

Nothing is as easy to construct than a pond. All you need is to find the space in your backyard, measure it and dig deep enough, so you get the depth you want. From there, you can do what you want creatively. Add stones, rocks or even fish to give it life. Surround with trees and flowers. Make it your own pond and let it become the focal point of your backyard landscape design. 

The Fountain

The next level above a pond is constructing yourself a fountain. With an almost limitless variety of shapes, designs, and sizes available, you will be able to manufacture and install a fountain that brings your backyard to life. With its elegance, sophisticated and classic appearance, fountains are a great way to give your home that high-level sparkle. Although you might need a bobcat hire in Melbourne to complete the job. 

The Waterfalls

The soft and graceful sound of water hitting the water is a timeless classic. And while fountains might provide you with that lovely environment, waterfalls are the water feature that is going to bring it to life really. You can go both for classic designs (which includes natural stone slabs or boulders) or a modern day approach (with glass and a motor) to give you the waterfall that matches the exterior decor of your home. 

The Water Gardens

The complete remodeling job. Water gardens aren’t just a feature; they’re a whole new level of backyard landscaping. With water features and aquatic plant life that is full of vibrant colours and textures, the aim is to create a new world that provides tranquility and calm to everyone who walks through it. This might take you the most time to create, but the payoff is worth it. 

So when it comes to improving your backyard’s landscape, make sure that you add that water feature that can make all the difference. And the best people to speak to are the experts at Landscape Shape & Form. They can help redesign and construct the backyard you want with the water feature you want with their landscape design services in Melbourne! Reach out to them today for your landscape designs and creations. 

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